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Barely built in Germany, in the USA successful since 70 years: Urban Entertainment is totaly missunderstood in Germany.

Especially the need and a forward thinking is not regocnized.


In the last centuries, the planers in Berlin & Germany took their ideas out of the outdated dusty idea-pots, with always the same results of a bunch of same-looking- shopping locations.

There are only backward-facing concepts, followed by a permanantly change in most of the locations, like in the BOULEVARD BERLIN.

The new century brought us one major thing: Urban Globalisation und an Entertainment Society, which reaches out permanently after something new and the bigger kick.

Neither Cities, City Planers or Shopping Mall Operators went the trend of the Urban Entertainment way.

We from QUAN want to change this and use the unused need.

Especially Shopping Malls have an enrmous potential to fill unused and in order to it uneconomical areas with attractions, adventures and own new brands and bring them to new life and experiences, not only for the shopping clients.

A hanging Climbing Park, FUN Golf, Indoorplayground, Entertainment Restaurants, Escape Rooms, Virtual Reality FacilitiesEvents or your own mascots, Merch an themed worlds,

Almost each location can pick out more, speak to more target groups, offer longer opening hours and find at the end a much more economic and customer friendly place in the city and the society. 

It´s not just about a shopping mall, rather it´s about every project, if retailer, gastronomie or any other company.

Not later then the triumphal march of the smartphones and the social medias, it´s all about the principle:

Everything out of one hand and so simple with the full range as possible!

WHY does shopping malls in Germany offer mostly 2 things: Shopping and Eating?

WHY do you close your offer with the regular shopping hours?

WHY can I not spend a whole day in a Mall with a big variety of experiences?

We support you in the planning of your project to a holistic urban complex which serves a much brighter target group with a parallel associated sales increase for the Mall operator and not necessarily the Entertainment owners.

With this teaser- site you will get not only a first quick view in what we offer, you get your own individual project website:



The Boulevard Berlin has to fight against his reputation since its opening: 

To early, with a poor variety of shops and a to large amount of empty shops and areas. A to cool ambience and design with obscure corridors with dead ends.

Because of the unchanged or even bader conditions and offer- varieties it has not changed until now.

Even the instability in case of the offers and the comparsion to the other malls in the nearly neighborhood is unattractive.

Since the beginning und still right now there are big related areas of unlet shops and floors without any offer.

This disadvantage brings the best requirements or a new and unique concept.

Therefore it is neccessery to make a detailed site analysis (not only the financial terms) and a parellel needs analysis, which we cut here at the edge:

actual situation 

- high vacancy volume

- too much uneconomic areas

- suboptimal open- space rentals

- decreasing supply of gastronomic offers

- remaining vacancy since the opening

- dead ends

- whole empty corridors and areas (also partly since the opening)

- a bad acceptance in the general public

- perceived standstill since the opening - especially because of the same striking displays since years


- perfect and unique infrastructure

- optimal location in the centre of the Schloßstrasse and many other districts

- enough areas to combine to bigger new areas


- no extensive leisure offers in the district

- locational advantage because of a future offer and engagement in the Bierpinsel

example for the great potential of free areas

Either the lower floors and the Food Court floor offer big areas, wihch can be perfectly used for leisure entertainment. 

Due to corresponding modifications we can create independent areas, which can be still open after the shops have closed.

We put unused and uneconomic areas into profitable ones, revive  the foodcourt with a new concept and enrich the whole Schloßstr. with an unique concept, which will have an effect over the borders of the district Steglitz.

Potential amenities , which can be realised as in-house facilities & all the other Klepierre- Malls:

- FUN Climb climbing walls

- hanging climbing park in the Parking- Atrium

- gaming Lounge

- Indoor FUN Golf

- Escape Rooms

- Laser Arena

- Bowling Lounge

- 5D Simulator

- Freefall Tower

- rope way

- giant slide

- interactive World

- Indoorplayground

- E Kart Arena

...and a lot of others


- reconceptualization to an unique Urban Entertainment Center

- transformation of many free areas to new and bigger ones and so:

- changing uneconomic areas into profitible attractions

- opening of big variety of attractions and offers (inter alia as an in-house operation under LET´S PLAY)

- expansion of the target groups

- extension of the opening hours

-  enrichment to the surrounding neighborhood and other districts with an one of a kind offer

- recovery of the Foodcourt

- new concept for the open space rentals

- events- expansion

- a much more clearer structuring of the branches and offers

- optimezed use of the parking area

- engagement into the reopening of the Bierpinsels with another unique concept for Berlin:

- new future oriented gastronomy concept orientated at the Berlin market

click the pictures below

With LET`S PLAY Klepiérre has a slogan and campagne, which can now get exactly that, what it calls for:


Entertainment- for kids, teens, the whole family, adults and older people.

With your slogan and our concepts Klepiérres Malls will be THE Urban Entertainment Centers of the future.

convert disadvantages into advantages 

The Boulevard Berlin has with its big amount of free areas an uneconomic and unpopular disadvantage.

On the other hand, it gives you one of the biggest potential to transform this Mall into an unique & awesome center, which has no equivalent in Berlin or Germany: The most comprehensive Urban Entertainment Center.

The existing range of offers, like shopping, gastronomy or other services still doesn´t work satisfied, since the opening.

Meanwhile we have probably the biggest vacancy and the acceptence in the general public is still suboptimal.


There are teaser- billboards & walls announcing still unrealised new offers for years, which alienate customers.

Beside of the retailer, also the gastronomic providers leave the Boulevard and this one of the most important indications, that there are too few customers and the others won´t stay long enough.

Regarding the floor plan there are big free next to another spaces, which can be perfectly fit together, instead of new little rental units.

Consequently we have the one of a kind potantial for large- scaling concepts (also in the corridors between).

The areas in the corridors should be reduced to a minimum and get new and much more clearer rental, regaring to the offers of the providers. 

Furthermore the Event Areas will get fixed places, also due to a new floor plan and the involvement of the outdoor areas.

Events build another neglected segment we can handle more effective, on your own and other new extensive staged events in the Schloßstr., especially regaring to the holidays, like X- Mas and the winter as a theme (right now we crreate a concept for this and hope to welcome you on board).

In the lower and the 2nd floor, the Boulevard has right now the perfect spaces for an Urban Entertainment- Offer.

For example:

The 2nd floor with its Foodcourt and lot of unused areas is the perfect location for an Entertainment- Complex .

With the ones- in- a- month- dancing- event you´re still on the right way.

The target should be to addres a much more wider public and regarding to the new and longer opening hours and the urban entertainment offers, the target group will be increase.

For this, the Boulevard has the advantage, that the Schloßstr. and the other districts, have a bad situation when you look at the Leisure- & Entertainment possibilities: Beside cinemas or theatres the offers are low or not existing., especially for families, Kids, Teens or older people.

The result is, that the disadvantage of the big vacancy is right now the big chance and advantage to create an awesome concept for the Mall, the Schloßstr., the district & Berlin to supply the unused demand in Berlin.

We also offer you new gastronomic and retail- concepts, with individual, variable and unique ideas, specifically tailored to the Berlin gastronomy market, which will have great power of attraction over the district.

Regional Partner

Especially for this project, we say that is very important to have a partner at your side, who knews about the Bouelvard, the Schloßstr., the district, Berlin, its residents and the history of this location. We know about the needs and what will be successfull , especially at this location.



The realisation can be made as part of a new own company sector with a stand alone CD:

It´s not only about a new entertainment extension, it´s about creating an own new Brand & Leisure- World and upgrade the LET`S PLAY- Campaign and transform it into a brand with mascots, merch and own attractions.

the future

belongs to entertainment & Indoor- attractions.

you have the Locations, we have the ideas & conzepts.

Attractions that have the brgihtest traget groups, Family Attractions, Teen- and adult attractions, attractions which fullfill the needs of the target groups thruogh the day: families with childs in the morning, older people (gastronomie- old café) etc.



from the


We build your FUTURE!

Let us together transform the Boulevard Berlin into an unique & awsame Urban Entertainment- Center and optimze Centers worldwide for a much bigger target group!

Let´s bring your Campaign and Slogan "LET`S PLAY" to a new dimension!

Big Story

Be part of a worldwide new project, that will innovate shopping, leisure, entertainment & amusement.

We combine a permanent growing story with your company and open a big variety of new doors for your business, on-&offline.


the world´s first

BIG Story

Our newest holistic gastro- concept - ask for more informations

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